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Healthy & Safety COVID-19 Signage

The Government of Saskatchewan has recently announced a 5 Phase re-open plan. The timing and order of the businesses/workplaces included in each phase is subject to change throughout the process based on a continuous assessment of transmission patterns and other factors. To remain open, we need to collectively stay healthy. 

Whether you are a local business in Regina, or located across Canada, Imagination Ink Ltd wants to assist in your effort to to control the spread of disease and keep you, your employees, and customers healthy. We have created a RE-OPEN SIGNAGE PACKAGE consisting of freestanding or hanging sneeze barriers, maintain your distance signage, face mask signage, sanitizing signage, hand washing signage, directional floor decals, social distancing floor decals and more. 


Below is a 'shopping list' of products with pricing to help you determine your needs to stay open and healthy. We create everything in house which allows us to custom design and tailor to your specific needs. 

For more information on the COVID-19 safety signage available or to place an order, please contact [email protected] or call our office at 306-569-2404.

COVID-19,Hand Wash Sign, Face Mask Sign, Sanitizing Signage, Keep Your Distance Signs
COVID-19 Protective Screen, Protective Barrier, Sneeze Guard
COVID-19 Floor Decals, Floor Graphics, Keep Your Distance Decals, Sanitizing Decals, Stand Behind This Line Decals
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