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Imagination Ink - Storefront
What are we capable of?


Graphic Design.
Our design department consists of two, full-time graphics designers that are always at your disposal. They're capable of assisting with the design of your logos, branding materials, signage, and just about anything else you need. Not only are they clever and creative, they're also pretty hilarious (or so they think).

Large Format Printing.
We have two, roll-to roll printers and one vinyl plotter, allowing us to print on a multitude of materials & substrates. Whether it be a large, outdoor sign or vinyl graphics for a vehicle wrap, we have the equipment to get the job done right.

Installation Services.

Not only can we print graphics, we also install them! Calvin Nichol has his 3M Canada certification in vehicle graphic installations, so you know your vehicle graphics will be installed properly.

Our skill set doesn't stop at vehicles! We even do installation jobs for companies that are out of province, and need work done in and around Regina, SK.

The only way to truly describe Imagination Ink is through our work.

Our building radiates a creative buzz that immediately energizes and excites clients as soon as they enter our doors. Our staff is what sets us apart. We have our own Imagineering department that continuously solves new problems on an hourly basis. Our company's main focus is to make YOU LOOK GOOD! We pride ourselves on being Saskatchewan based with a “get your hands dirty” work ethic.

Whether it is creating larger than life puzzle pieces or dragon-wrapped Hummers, we make your ideas a reality…even if it means working through the night to make it happen!

Who is Imagination Ink Ltd?



A brief look at our past.

Imagination Ink Ltd. has roots going as far back as 1978. We are steeped in rich tradition. Originally, our company was known as Regina Visual Display. The focus in those days was dressing windows in large department stores. As you can imagine, needs changed, technology advanced, and so did the company. The original ownership began purchasing other display companies, expanded into Alberta and Manitoba, and soon became one of the largest in the industry - Displayco Canada. After managing the Saskatchewan division of Displayco Canada for 5 years, Darleen and Calvin Nichol purchased this division in 2004. The name was changed to Imagination Ink Ltd. because they believe it is imagination that drives marketing.

Our Vision.

To continuously invest in the newest technology to attract and retain the strongest employees who will provide leading edge graphic, exhibit, and marketing solutions to our customers.

Our Mission.

To provide creative and comprehensive marketing solutions through offering a full range of products and services to maximize the value of our customers' marketing investments.

Our Facilities.

In 2013, we decided to embark on the process of constructing our own building - well that was quite the experience! Now that everything is all said and done, we are so happy to have our ~6350 square foot building, featuring two drive in bays, a cordoned off print room, graphic design/finishing area and a whole whack of office space. Describing it all and seeing it are two completely different things, so we'd love for you to come take a tour of our new location!

Our talented bunch of coconuts!

We are always boasting about what a fantastic staff we have. Every one of our employees bring such a variety of talent and knowledge to the table. It is such a pleasure to come in to work every day and have so much fun with the people you work with.

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