Imagination Has No Limits

Escape the everyday at Fontaine Bleu.

Every once in a while a project comes along and I wonder, how the heck did we manage to do that?! That’s how I felt after we finished our most recent project for Arcas Advertising and their client Fontaine Bleu.

Our friends at Arcas came to us requesting that we fully cover a semi trailer – whoa! After somehow fitting the giant semi-trailer into our shop, we began to cover it with digitally printed dibond panels. For those that don’t know what dibond is, it’s an aluminum faced substrate that is uber-durable, prints great, and is perfect for outdoor applications – such as the sides of a trailer.

Thank-you Arcas for the opportunity to take on this challenging job! We learned a great deal and had a lot of fun at the same time.

Here’s a before, during and after photo!

-Destiny Jelinski (Director of Operations, IIL)




Challenges are what make life interesting!

This past week of weather has been pretty great, but a few of our staff members that have been installing vinyl graphics outside would probably beg to differ.

We love getting projects that we get to see through from design to installation – so rewarding! Our neighbours at Artisan Design Build came to us with a vision of how they wanted to show of their new building space and we immediately dove into designing vinyl graphics for the front of their property. The eight beautiful, big windows at the front of their building act as the perfect canvas to showcase a selection of their custom design homes, while maintaining their clean, modern image.

The challenge with this project, was the installation. Let’s just say, vinyl isn’t very forgiving when it’s freezing cold out. In order to install the vinyl graphics on the windows at Artisan, we needed to get tarps, heaters, the whole she-bang! As you can see from the photos below, it was a tricky process, but the finished product is looking great. So far we’ve decaled half the windows, and are now moving the tarps and heaters in order to do the next set.

-Destiny Jelinski (Director of Operations, IIL)


Braving the cold for a smoke-free area.

Even though the temperatures were below freezing, we braved the cold to install concrete vinyl decals outside the Cornwall Centre in Regina.
In order to prepare the surface for installation, Nathan and Warren had to go out beforehand and heat the bricks with a portable blowtorch. What do you mean you’ve never seen someone blowtorch a sidewalk before?

The finished product stands out, looks great (artwork designed by Brown Communications) and will hopefully assist in making the area outside the front entrance of the Cornwall Centre a happy, healthy, smoke-free environment.

Check out the before and after photos!

BIG Rio Experience in Downtown Regina.

Our company prides itself on being heavily involved in charitable events in and around Regina, and the 2012 Charity Royale was no exception. This year was our first time being heavily involved from initial planning through to event set-up –  and we had a blast doing so!

Here is a brief break-down of what we contributed to the 2012 Charity Royale Rio Carnival experience…

Custom faux parade floats for silent auction tables: These parade floats consisted of digitally printed sheets of coroplast (corrugated plastic substrate) backed with sheets of coroplast covered in pedal paper (metalic paper used to brighten up parade floats). Add some bedazzling and sparkle spray, and you have impressive show pieces.

Mask - Pre-assembly

Photo courtesy of Casino Regina.







Panoramic window coverings: In order to give the bar area more of a dusk feel, we printed directly to styrene sheets (display panel substrate) and mounted them directly to the three main windows. This method covered the windows entirely, leaving the room with a gorgeous panoramic scene of Rio de Janeiro.

Panoramic scene before being placed onto windows.

Photo courtesy of Casino Regina.









Backlits: We wanted to brighten up the bar area, so we decided to digitally print backlits for inserts on both the coat check counter, as well as the bar counter. The bright colours of the show girls and parade floats lit up beautifully with the glow of the lights behind them.

Backlit images before getting trimmed down and installed.

Photo courtesy of Casino Regina.









Waterfall feature corner: They wanted something to wow guests as they walked into the show lounge, and we gave them just that. The XX’ wide waterfall mural was printed on banner material, seamed together, and hung XX’ up in the air. With some additional lighting, greenery and rocks, this waterfall mural made you feel like you were in a Brazilian jungle!

Installing the waterfall backdrop into the corner.

Photo courtesy of Casino Regina.











Custom hanging butterflies: The smaller, glittery butterflies around the bar area and show lounge just didn’t quite add enough pizzazz on their own for an event of this magnitude, so we produced two4′x4′ butterflies to hang on either side of the stage. The bodies of the butterflies were shaped and welded together by our own Chris Lewry, then wrapped with a digitally printed flag material (produced in-house).

Butterflies before getting wrapped in flag material.

Photo courtesy of Casino Regina.









Show lounge mural: To the right-hand side of the stage, we printed three XX’xXX’ panels on banner material which was hung X’ up in the hair. These three panels displayed beautiful, bright colours that stood out, even in the dimmed lighting in the show lounge.

Photo courtesy of Casino Regina.

We want to personally thank Glennis and Linda from the Casino Regina, as well as Marsha and Jocelyn from Martin Charleton Communications for bringing us on board – we had so much fun working with you all. We definitely cannot wait until next year’s event…I wonder what the theme will be next year?!

For more information regarding this year’s Charity Royale, the charity of choice (YWCA My Aunt’s Place), and the various sponsors, be sure to visit the Entertainment Page on the Casino Regina website.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Fun and unique projects are what keep our staff motivated. Recently, Bennett Dunlop Ford came to us requesting giant keys and key-boxes, and that’s exactly what we gave them! The keys are made out of digitally printed, custom routered sheets of sintra, and the boxes are made out digitally printed sheets of coroplast.

SK Fashion Week Regina

While many of you were catching up on your weekly T.V. shows last night (most importantly, Game of Thrones), our staff were working away at the Cornwall Centre, getting ready for the launch of their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign launch – the “Break Out Your Style” campaign. This campaign launch is just one of the ways in which the Cornwall Centre is participating in Saskatchewan Fashion Week. We were very excited to be a part of the event by producing graphics for both the centre court escalator, as well as a photo station. Check below to see both install photos, as well as the finished product!


P3 Architecture Spicing Up Their New Space!

Yesterday evening was P3 Architecture’s grand opening for their new office space located on Scarth Street, in the heart of the warehouse district in Regina. The creative team at P3A, along with Imagination Ink’s creative team, came up with a couple sleek vinyl designs for their new location – just in time for their grand opening.

The first part of the project included an intricate design, made out of cut vinyl, covering the walls of the stairwell entrance. Although all of the little details presented quite the challenge, our talented staff took their time and we believe the finished products speaks for itself.


The second part of the project included a feature wall mural, digitally printed on vinyl.


We wish the whole P3A team all the best in their new office!

The Wolf ROCKS!

Check out the sweet ride we decaled up for Harvard Broadcasting last week!

Mosaic Potash.

We have recently had the pleasure of doing some work with the team at over at Mosaic Potash; including some vehicle decalling!

Check out one of the trucks we finished up last week – lookin’ sharp!

Hooked on Fishing – Not on Drugs!

Check out this full trailer wrap we finished up yesterday afternoon for Sask. Environment & Resource Management!